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Online Gambling Advocacy Group Launches Major Ad Campaign

9/15/09 - Casino Gambling Web

Representative Barney Frank has introduced legislation that would overturn the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Rep. Frank has received growing support for the Bill from lawmakers, and he is also receiving support from outside of Congress.

The Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative has launched an advertising campaign aimed at convincing lawmakers to end the prohibition on Internet gambling. The campaign is being used to educate people in the US on the dangers associated with millions of Americans gambling online in an unregulated industry.

"As Congress searches for ways to pay for health care reform and other worthy programs," said Jeffrey Sandman, spokesman for the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative, "it should end the unsuccessful prohibition of Internet gambling and start collecting taxes on the billions in revenue currently lost to unlicensed, offshore gambling operators."

Frank has taken a slightly different approach. While he agrees that offshore companies should not be receiving the benefits of people in the US gambling online, his concern is more with the freedoms of these people.

Rep. Frank and a growing list of lawmakers are in favor of changing the current laws and allowing people to gamble in the comfort of their own homes. A regulated system, according to Frank, would ensure that people in the US were protected against bad business from these online gaming companies.

While Frank has attempted to overturn the UIGEA before, he seems to have growing support amongst his peers. Senator Robert Menendez from New Jersey has introduced separate legislation that would legalize online poker.

The new ad campaign from the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative will appear on such prestigious publications as The Washington Post and The Huffington Post. Ads will also run on Politico.


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