As millions of Americans continue to find a way to gamble online, wagering more than $100 billion annually, there is no guarantee that minors will be stopped from placing a wager. A key element of proposed legislation to regulate Internet gambling activity is the requirement for licensed operators to block minors from gambling online.

Identity Verification

The Internet offers unique opportunities for protections against underage gambling that aren’t available in traditional gambling environments. These technological solutions are used by many industries. Safety controls, proven effective for blocking minors from gambling online in the U.K. and other well-regulated environments, include:

  • When registering at a gambling site, the user is required to provide a range of personal information and is asked a series of detailed questions, some which are derived from their credit history
  • This information is then run through existing third-party systems, such as databases from the Social Security Administration and Departments of Motor Vehicles, to confirm that the data being provided is accurate
  • Internet gambling operators can also request physical copies of identification documents, such as a utility bill or driver’s license, for verification upon registering

More Safeguards

Technology isn’t the only solution to underage gambling. Deterrence could also include:

  • Requiring any prizes won by someone underage be forfeited
  • Prohibiting operators from targeting minors in marketing and advertising materials
  • Requiring licensed operators to provide links to filtering programs such as Net Nanny or Cyberpatrol
  • Taking legal action against licensed operators who fail to comply with regulatory requirements related to underage gambling prevention

Tips for Parents to Combat Underage Gambling

  • Use child protection software to block gambling sites
  • Do not leave the computer unattended if you are logged onto an Internet gambling site
  • Do not share your credit card or bank account details with your children
  • Do not leave the "Save Password" option enabled on your computer or with any Internet gambling site
  • Create separate profiles for your children on computers so that when they log in they cannot access your information


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