An Online Gambling Fix
8/12/2010 - Los Angeles Times

Why Republicans Should Favor Legalized Internet Gambling
8/12/2010 - Forbes

More Freedom is a Sound Bet
8/1/2010 - Chicago Tribune

Creating More Revenue
7/31/2010 - Daily American

On Poker, Are Politicians Listening?
7/23/2010 - Politico

McDermott: Generate Income for a Good Cause
7/12/2010 - Roll Call

Berkley: Enforcement Act is Already a Bust
7/12/2010 - Roll Call

America Should Cash in by Legalizing Online Gambling
7/11/2010 - The Patriot News

Opinion: Consumers and State Budget Need Regulated Online Gambling

6/27/10 - San Diego Union-Tribune

Making Safety an Issue in Internet Gambling

5/18/10 - The Daily Caller

Leave the Gamblers Alone!

5/12/10 -

Irvine's Possible Newfound Internet Gambling Wealth

4/21/10 - The Orange County Register

EDITORIAL: State Legislators Would Be Right to Legalize In-State Online Poker

3/5/10 - Daily Iowan

Local Congressmen’s Gamble Could Pay Off For Missouri

3/3/10 - St. Louis Globe-Democrat

Freedom to Play the Game

2/16/10 - The Daily Caller

Right-wing Nanny State

1/9/10 - FOX News

While Economy Burns, Jon Kyl Blocking Treasury Nominees Over Petty BS

1/8/10 -

Phil Ruffin: Strip Will Remain King, But Downtown Will Suffer

12/27/09 - Las Vegas Sun

Online Poker and Gambling Should be Legalized

11/11/09 - Fourth Estate Newspaper

Online Gambling Ban has Failed, Should be Ended

11/9/09 - Roll Call

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

10/20/09 - New York Times

Online Gambling Flourishes; Sensible to Legalize and Tax it

10/7/09 - The Hill

The NFL's Public Stance on Gambling is Hypocritical

9/21/09 - Sports Illustrated

Gambling Economy Down, but Poker Popularity Remains Strong

9/10/09 - San Antonio Express-News

States Should Get a Cut of the Sports Betting Action

8/30/09 - Los Angeles Times

With Gambling Already so Prevalent, Why Not Allow Legal NFL Betting?

8/25/09 - Providence Journal

Internet Poker No Gamble for Cash-Starved California

8/23/09 - Sacramento Bee

Ante Up Against Government Intrusion

8/19/09 -

A New Deal Worth Fostering

8/16/09 - The Washington Post

Editorial: Government Should Bet on Online Poker

7/16/09 - Delco Times

Online Gambling is a Personal Choice

6/17/09 - Las Vegas Sun

Online Poker Hysteria

6/16/09 - Denver Post

With Gambling, Personal Freedom is Always the Best Bet, Says Barney Frank

6/1/09 - US News & World Report

My Money's on Gambling in Delaware

5/27/09 - NPR

EDITORIAL: Republicans Can Win Back Base By Supporting Online Gambling

5/20/09 - Washington Examiner

Paying With Our Sins

5/18/09 - New York Times

Legalize Online Gambling

5/15/09 - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

NFL Should Change Its Opposition to Betting

2/6/09 - Bloomberg

The New Deal: Regulate and Tax iPoker

1/29/09 - Roll Call

Somebody Has His Facts Wrong
7/21/08 - The Hill's Congress Blog

Barney Frank: Social Conservatives Still in Charge of Republican Party
6/30/08 - Huffington Post

Fantasy Gambling
6/7/08 - New York Post

Time to Fold
4/10/08 - Wall Street Journal

Internet Gambling Ban: Why You Should Oppose It
12/31/07 - FOX News

Internet Gambling Deserves a New Chance
9/13/07 - Business Week

Web Gambling: Tax, Don't Ban
8/14/07 - New York Post

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